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A lineage Qigong from Sifu Wing Cheung taught by his senior instructors Catherine Burnett and Annie Cryar

Following his three year retreat, Sifu Cheung has updated the content and forms of Level Three to focus on Neigong. He will be returning to the UK in 2021 to re-certify his Level Three instructors and we are postponing teaching Level Three until then.


Sifu Cheung has devoted his life to spreading the benefits of Qigong and has trained hundreds of Tai Chi Qigong instructors worldwide. After training with him for the past 14 years,  Annie Cryar and Catherine Burnett are teaching Sifu Cheung’s courses as senior instructors of his Tai Chi Qigong and Feng Shui Institute. There are now several versions of this hugely popular Qigong, but Sifu Wing Cheung  has an impeccable lineage. He was originally a student of Master Wu Jian Hua, a colleague of Professor Lin-Hou-Sheng, the co-creator of Shibashi Qigong at the Shanghai Qigong Research Institute

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi is one of the most popular styles of Qigong around the world because it is effective and easy to learn. The demand for tai chi qigong instructors is increasing as more people become aware of the benefits of qigong.

These courses are designed to help you improve your own practice and encourage you to share the many benefits of Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi with family, friends and those in need in your communities.  More information about our comprehensive Qigong Teacher Training course.

For further information contact : Catherine Burnett : +44 1424 815128, mobile : +44 7909516578, catherineburnett12@gmail.com, or Annie +44 7722868397

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