Our Teachers

Annie Cryar BSc. Cert.Ed.( 1974) Dip.Shiatsu, MRSS (T)

Annie is Principal of the Shiatsu College, Hastings. She started her career as a teacher in primary schools in the early 1970‘s and her interest in the art of teaching continues to the present day. Annie has a wide range of teaching experience and has mentored teacher-trainees in both mainstream education and for the UK Shiatsu Society. Annie is a member of the Shiatsu Society’s teacher trainer panel and has worked with The Shiatsu College teacher training programme, she has also assisted on the National College of School Leadership, a professional programme for head teachers. She gained a qualification in Internal Verification in 2010. Annie was inspired to practise Qigong through the teaching of Nicola Ley and Paul Lundberg and has more recently studied with Sifu Wing Cheung. She has taught Qigong, Yoga and Shiatsu for the past nineteen years. She is committed to helping students find the best in themselves to teach the form, the essence and the spirit of Qigong.


Catherine Burnett BEd, Dip.Shiatsu, MRSS(T)


Catherine graduated as a teacher of Physical Education with Dance in 1993 and her teaching background led her to a career in management training and development. She was responsible for the design and delivery of development workshops and one to one coaching, including stress management, the art of facilitation, giving feedback, presentation and communication skills. Now a registered teacher with the Shiatsu Society, she enjoys sharing in the wonder of our connection with Qi and the natural world.

Since 2007 she has been training with Sifu Wing Cheung, who inspired her to spread the benefits of Qigong to the wider community. She teaches Qigong courses in Hastings and beyond as a visiting teacher. She has also worked in partnership with the N.H.S., E.S.C.C., Hastings Borough Council and Rother District Council on various community well- being projects. Catherine is passionate about the integration of Qigong into mainstream healthcare and her interest lies in combining the ancient wisdom of Taoism with new perspectives in Energy Medicine.


Nicola Ley (Nicola Pooley) BSc, BA, PGCE, Dip.Shiatsu MRSS (T) MA

Nicola started teaching in Tokyo in 1978, while she was discovering Shiatsu. She returned to England and studied to be a secondary school teacher at the London College of Education in 1980 – the ethos was student centred learning and a great emphasis was placed on the philosophy and politics of learning. She subsequently, taught in a large London school. In 1984 she was involved in setting up the Shiatsu College with a particular emphasis on curriculum development. Nicola has delivered Shiatsu teacher training since 1996 and has been a teacher trainer for many of the Shiatsu Society’s teachers. Nicola took up Qigong in 1984. She has practiced almost every day since. She has studied Tai Chi (Yang style) and a wide variety of Qigong forms. In 2001 she studied Hua Gong with Dominic Hill who has transformed her practice. He helped her take the Qigong practice she had been banking since 1984 to a current account! Nicola is the author of Shiatsu in a Nutshell and has produced a CD – Qigong, and a DVD with Carola Beresford-Cooke – Helping Ourselves Heal.