This course has arisen from the requests we’ve had to take Shiatsu graduates as well as Qigong practitioners.

It is firmly rooted in the Qigong Teacher Training ethos and will enable you to teach from your practice.

What will I learn?

The course consists of 3 modules: Energy Work Essentials, The Breath, and Stillness and Movement.

In Energy Work Essentials you will learn:

  • How to prepare a scheme of work and session plans
  • What makes an effective teacher
  • The principles of the practice of energy work
  • The 8 Strands of the Brocade and Tai Chi Energy work
  • Yin and Yang and the 5 Phases
  • Makko Ho stretches for the meridians
  • An understanding of the anatomy of the energy body
  • The experience and practice of mindfulness
  • Health and safety principles in teaching.

In The Bridge you will learn:

  • The art of teaching - an appreciation of learning and teaching styles and how they can inform your teaching
  • The teaching of relaxation, visualisation and meditation
  • The principles and perception of Qi Fields and how we manifest our intention
  • Skills to help with speaking and giving a talk
  • The connection to specific energy gates
  • The Pre-Heaven Form - The form gifted to the Shiatsu College by one of the founders, Elise Johnson.
  • The role of the breath in energy work

In Stillness and Movement you will learn:

  • Course design and schemes of work
  • Developing a course which will work for you
  • The ‘Gong’ of marketing and Ideas and tools for marketing your work.
  • Particular methods for teaching movement
  • The importance of ethics and professionalism in teaching
  • The question of assessment
  • The demand of equality, diversity etc. and the forever changing language that is used
  • More on the teaching of relaxation, visualisation and meditation and stillness
  • To deepen your practice of meditation
  • Particular techniques for holding the Qi field during meditation
  • A study of the current research in energy work such as Tai Chi, Qigong, Shiatsu etc. from a western medical perspective.

How to apply

Admission onto the course will be via your application form and an informal discussion with one of the teachers during which we will discuss your experience of Qigong, Shiatsu or related practice.

The course is open to practitioners of Qigong, existing Tai Chi/Qigong teachers from all traditions and graduates of Shiatsu and related disciplines, who have a personal practice. No specific academic qualifications are required for this course, however a commitment to practice and reflection on your own educational and learning experience is important.

Do I need a qualification in anatomy?

No, the Shiatsu College's online anatomy course is part of the Qigong teacher training programme. Blending academic work with experiential anatomy which focuses on movement, stretches and energy work, it can be completed during your first year. If you have studied anatomy before, we ask that you refresh your knowledge and delve into the new paradigms of anatomy that this unique course introduces.


What happens after graduation?

Our Qigong Teaching Certificate enables you to gain insurance to teach Qigong with ‘Balens’. At the present time, there is no nationwide Qigong professional body equivalent to the US National Qigong Association for us to affiliate to. We will keep all of our graduates informed about any developments concerning the creation of a UK organisation via our website.

We offer you free advertising of your website, social media sites and contact details for your classes on our website. Organised with our graduates in mind, we hope you will stay in touch and meet ex-students from other locations via our annual Qigong camp, Qi in the Field. We also offer retreats and workshops for your continuing professional development.

Tuition Fees

The fees for the Bristol and London weekend Teacher Training programme are £1,640 per year (£3280 for the whole course).
If the first year is paid in full by the first weekend there is a 10% reduction for that year: £1476.

A non-returnable deposit (unless the course is cancelled) of £200 secures a place on the course. The fees can then be paid in monthly instalments.

Fees include tuition fees, online resources, including the online anatomy course, all course materials and assessment. Fees do not include books, insurance or accommodation.

The government-recognised teaching qualification, the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training, incurs extra costs: fees are £480 to include Laser Learning Awards accreditation fee. A deposit of £100 is required to secure your registration on this additional course.


You can Contact Us for more information or click on the image below to download a Prospectus and/or Application Form:

Prospectuses and Application Forms

"The Teacher Training is fantastic. The whole team have put together a clear, focused and enjoyable course, with a wide variety of components that bring together all the skills needed to step into teaching. Nicola has a clarity, ease and lightness with her teaching style that is accessible and empowering for each individual on the course. This was a true gift for me and deeply appreciated."

- Heather, graduate