About the Course

I loved this course…the quality of the teaching is outstanding, the atmosphere of supportive, loving encouragement, openness and rigour is beautiful.” Nick 2011

What will I learn?

The course consists of 3 modules Qigong Essentials, The Breath as a Bridge and Stillness and Movement spread over a period of eighteen months

In Qigong Essentials you will learn:

  • The principles of the practice of Qigong
  • The major philosophical, spiritual and medical influences on modern practice
  • An understanding of the anatomy of the energy body
  • The experience and practice of mindfulness
  • What makes an effective teacher
  • Health and safety principles in the teaching of Qigong
  • How to prepare a scheme of work and session plans

In The Breath as a Bridge you will learn:

  • The Nine Forms of Pre Heaven Qigong
  • The 8 Strands of the Brocade
  • The connection to specific energy gates
  • The role of the breath in Qigong
  • The teaching of relaxation, visualisation and meditation
  • Ming Men and the breath
  • The cosmology of the 5 Phases
  • The ‘Gong’ of marketing
  • The principles and perception of Qi Fields and how we manifest our intention
  • More about the art of teaching — an appreciation of learning and teaching styles and how they can inform your teaching

In Stillness and Movement you will learn:

  • Shibashi Set 2
  • Strength and flexibility for Qigong
  • The practice and principles of meditation
  • Particular techniques for holding the Qi field during meditation
  • More on the teaching of relaxation, visualisation and meditation
  • Particular methods for teaching movement
  • The importance of ethics and professionalism in teaching
  • Ideas and tools for marketing your work.


Who can apply?

The course is open to practitioners of Qigong, existing Tai Chi/Qigong teachers from all traditions, graduates of Shiatsu and related disciplines who have a personal Qigong practice. No specific academic qualifications are required for this course, however a commitment to practice and reflection on your own educational and learning experience is important. You are expected to attend each of the weekends. In addition there is an average of at least six hours a week of personal practice, reading, assignments and preparation for the training weekends.

Admission onto the course will be via your application form and an informal discussion with one of the teachers during which we will discuss your experience of Qigong or related practice.

Do I need a qualification in Anatomy ?

No, the Shiatsu College’s online anatomy course is part of the Qigong teacher training programme. Blending academic work with experiential anatomy which focuses on movement, stretches and energy work, it can be completed during your first year. If you have an existing anatomy qualification, we ask that you refresh your knowledge and delve into the new paradigms of anatomy that this unique course introduces.

What happens after graduation ?

We have negotiated with the insurers ‘Balens’ for you to take out your insurance with them. At the present time, there is no nationwide Qigong professional body equivalent to the US National Qigong Association. We will keep all of our graduates informed about any developments  concerning the creation of a UK organisation.

How do I find out more ?

Download the Prospectus here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have;